Optical coherence tomography

[The event has ended. Thank you for coming.] Exhibit at BioJapan

We will exhibit at BioJapan to be held at PACIFICO Yokohama from October 11 (Wed) to 13 (Fri). (Booth Number: C-62) We will introduce the “Label-free Tomographic Microscope” in collaboration with Univ. of Tsukuba and Think-lands Co.. It is an optical coherence microscope (OCM) that can measure high resolution 3D data like a microscope in a non-destructive and non-staining (label-free) manner in just a few seconds of scanning.This device is introduced here under the product name OCT-SD-01, and you can see the actual measurement if you come to the exhibition. Please stop by our booth. Exhibition Date October 11(Wed) -...

Renewal of the “OCT” section in the website

Thank you for visiting the SkyTechnologies, Inc. website. We are pleased to announce the renewal of the “OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)” section of our website. Since SS-OCT and SD-OCT are newly added to our product lineup, we have taken this opportunity to completely revamp the structure and design to make it easier to find information about the services we can provide. The URL has been changed according to the renewal. If you have registered the page in your browser’s “favorites” or “bookmarks”, please update to the new page URL. We will continue to provide useful information and enhance the content...

Application example of OCT-JM-01: Kao Corporation “CT-Skin”

 Kao Corporation has developed “CT-Skin,” which uses data measured by OCT-JM-01 and applies proprietary algorithms and 3D technology to observe the inside of the skin without cutting.The link to the news release is here (in Japanese).  As shown in the video, the skin surface morphology, collagen, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels were realistically reproduced in one 3-dimensional space. It also shows how the blood flow changes. Contact us OCT (optical coherence tomography)

Example of OCT-SS-01 imaging: Horse mackerel fillet

 The following is an example of the horse mackerel fillet that was requested by a seafood processing company. ①Projection image  Since the body surface of fish is a protective color (dorsal side = blue or black, ventral side = white), light reflection is too strong on the epidermis side and the signal is disturbed. Therefore, the fillet was measured from the dorsal side. In the OCT projection image, fine surface morphology was clearly observed. You can also see the marks (dot pattern) of the round holes made by the water-absorbing sheet. This area appears blackened out in the projected image because the...

Example of OCT-SS-01 imaging: Rice

 Fresh rice (within 1 month after milling stored in a refrigerator) and degraded rice (more than 6 months after milling stored at room temperature) were imaged and compared using OCT-SS-01. Although no significant differences were observed with the naked eye, the differences between fresh and degraded rice could be observed when compared with OCT-SS-01 images. ①Projection image  The “cracks” caused by dryness, which cannot be seen with the naked eye, could be observed clearly. ②Cross-section image  In the degraded rice, we found that “cracks” and “stains” that could not be seen with the naked eye or projected images reached the inside...

Completion of practical application and commercialization of the next-generation JM-OCT

 Practical application and commercialization of JM-OCT *1 developed in collaboration with Prof. Yoshiaki Yasuno, University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Medicine and Medical Science, and others, has been completed. (Delivery completed to a major cosmetics manufacturer in Nov. 2021)  JM-OCT is the next-generation OCT that visualizes all optical properties of tissue in three dimensions. It is also attracting attention as a non-invasive, non-contact measurement and evaluation technology for organoids and biological tissues made from iPS cells and ES cells. *1 Jones matrix optical coherence tomography

Example of OCT imaging: Fingernail

【Movie】Example of OCT imaging: fingernail (1:57)  Here are 3D OCT images of the fingernail taken with the SS-OCT system we are developing. OCT data recorded by OCT equipment is rendered in real-time using GPGPU (CUDA).(Keyword: OCT, GPGPU, CUDA)