The ability to image deep into the sample makes it suitable for applications that require a detailed examination of the internal structure.

Example of OCT-SS-01 imaging ①


 Below is the human finger measured by OCT-SS-01.
 A surface image and multiple tomographic (cross-sectional) images can be obtained from the 3D data measured after a few seconds of scanning.
 In the surface image, surface morphology such as texture and pores could be confirmed.
 In the tomographic image, in addition to the layer structure near the surface and sweat glands, the deeper internal structure could be measured. A tube-like structure (lumen) could be observed although whether it was a blood vessel or a hair follicle could not be determined.
 In the attenuation coefficient (which reflects tissue density) image, the shadows (black vertical stripe-like shadows) seen in the OCT image have been eliminated. And it makes the internal structures easier to observe.

Example of OCT-SS-01 imaging ②

 Below is the human forearm.
 Because the skin was coated with gel and measured, the surface image shows not only the surface morphology, such as texture and pores, as well as small air bubbles.
 In the cross-sectional image, the inner structure can be seen, and the hair follicle connected to the hair shaft can be observed.
 The attenuation coefficient (which reflects tissue density) image clearly showed the difference between the epidermis and dermis. In addition, the shadows (black vertical stripe-like shadows) seen in the OCT image were eliminated. And it made the internal structure easier to observe.

Sample images of OCT-SS-01

Strawberry, mandarin orange, green onion, and cookie
Upper: Surface image
Lower: Cross-section image

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OCT-SS-01 specifications

Lateral resolutionDepth resolutionImaging depthScan rangeA-scan rateB-scan rateVolume scan time
19 μm15 μm (in air)
11 μm (in tissue)
1.5 mm
(dependes on the sample)
4 × 4 × 4 mm3
(you can select 1-12 mm)
50,000/sec110/sec4.7 sec

 Functions and performance can be customized according to the measurement target and application. For details, please contact us.

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